We got ‘er done!

Well, we got the Main Bus Switching Unit (MBSU) turned back on!  We have POWER now!

That meant taking it out (a small miracle technique called dithering was introduced and somehow we got it out), worked on the housing by puffing it with Nitrogen, wire brushing it, toothbrushing it, lubing it and tapping it with an identical bolt – and then, with a couple magic spells, some chanting and some more miracle dithering, we installed it!  No more tie down as in this picture.

But what is in this picture is my little good luck charm – the Gorbster (my little evil Jack Russell terrier) must have flown up here and left his good wishes for us!  Check out my left arm and my Cuff checklist if you can zoom in…

Big, huge smiles from space!
Ps more pictures, etc this weekend…we still have to work tomorrow and Friday.


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