2a – It was a full moon in Kazakhstan…

To launch 48 Progress.  We flew over about 3 minutes before launch of 48P.  We could see that launch platform since it was about midnight there and it was all lit up.

She will come to the ISS “in a fast way”.  Meaning, it should only take about 5 hours from launch until docking.  Our Russian crewmates slept in today to be ready to fly here to dock if needed tonight around 1am.  Remember our Soyuz took 2 days to get here.  This is a new “profile” that the Russians are checking out and it may be used for people in Soyuz in the future.  That would mean being in your space suit for a long time – really no getting out of it, until you are docked.  On the good side, you get to the “big hotel” pretty quick – and it has your suite and the nice bathroom…

I wanted to show you what the moon sort of looks like from up here…hey who put a pin in it….


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