Baikonur – Day 7

We rested some more!!!!

Whoever said this place wasn’t good was a fool!

More of the same today.  A cloudy, overcast day.  It was really windy at night – actually howling.  The rooms really get a little colder when it is cold outside.  Might need to get another blanket if it keeps up.  Bakes told us that it could get down to -17 for roll out with wind.  Yikes!

More flying classes, Soyuz classes and ISS Classes.  Petrovich is talking away about comm..  I am sure there have been some mistakes or we wouldn’t hear about it so much.  Classic Pavlov with all his diagrams reviewing every little lamel and how it works.  They are a funny pair.  But they do remind us of everyone who has every messed up.  It is pretty fun.

Good time to work out.  Got to the gym, went for a run and got engaged in a small badminton tournament with Aki, Dima, Sasha and Igor.  Then Oleg Kotov and Dennis came into the mix and kicked all of our butts….

Finally as I was coming back from my run, I noticed they put a Christmas tree out in from of the Cosmos Hotel.  I will send a picture – very cute and little squeaky Christmas music is playing from it.

All us USOS folks got together last night to watch O’Brother.  Another funny look at society.  Too Fun and funny here.

So christmasy here....

So Christmasy here….


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